‘Cheap trick’ condemned

NEW YORK – The North American District of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-NAD) has condemned the arrest of some MDC officials back home on trumped up charges of weapons possession.

N lang=EN-GB>“This is a naked and shameless attempt at seeking excuses to suppress the leaders of Zimbabwe’s freedom movement. The Mugabe regime has a history of making up such charges when it is threatened by its political opponents. This time around, the world is not fooled by it. We know that Mugabe is preparing to eliminate his regime’s opponents as his Security Minister openly stated on March 8,” says a statement from the group.

“We appeal to the world community to denounce this cheap trick and to loudly condemn the Mugabe regime for destroying freedom in our country. The MDC has chosen the democratic and peaceful path to restore the country’s freedoms and prosperity. The only violence in Zimbabwe has come from Mugabe and his murderous regime.” – Own correspondent

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