HIFA 2006 – set to lift spirits

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) has stood the test of seven challenging years, and stands as a beacon of joy on the horizon for weary Zimbabweans. This year heralds the launch of a collaborative venture between HIFA, the Embassy o

f France in Harare and the Association Française d’Action Artistique (AFAA) in a project called La Voix, which celebrates cultural diversity and the power of the voice.

This partnership demonstrates the values that lie at the very heart of HIFA – promoting African cultural initiatives, pan-African artistic exchange and development. The festival will again seek to reflect the best attributes of Zimbabweans as a people, highlighting the nation’s well-spring of artistic creativity, boundary-pushing, talent and potential, combined with the friendliness, humour, warmth and hospitality for which we are renowned.

From April 25 – 30, the streets and theatres of Harare will hum with activity. This year’s theme, hAND in hAND, resonates with images of solidarity, working, building and playing together, of smashing boundaries and forging friendships, giving each other a helping hAND, and in unity, creating a future of hope and promise. It encourages plumbing the imagination to combine artistic endeavours and disciplines in unusual ways.

HIFA inspires people to give better than their best, go the extra mile, hAND in hAND. Is it because they believe that without art and culture, society is dead? Reflecting typical Zimbabwean resilience, the organisers are determined to prove doubters who tell them it’s impossible.

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