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Highly motivated by challenges and gifted with a great talent, Gazza is Namibia's leading artist. His music can be defined as a mix of several influences: dance hall,

ragga, hip-hop and kwaito. He will be appearing at Hifa 2006, presented by La Voix.

Despite modest beginnings, Gazza always pursued the goals he had set for his life and always loved challenges.When we were growing up and we were poor, I heard about Etosha high school which was for whites only. After independence, I wanted to go there and my siblings asked me how I was going to make it and pay the fees but I applied, and they accepted me!”

From his childhood, Gazza was really interested in music. His passion led him to form a band at primary school and later, in High school, he joined choirs. He was fascinated by kwaito, because it represented the ghetto and talked about the suffering which he could identify with.

After Business College in Cape Town, Gazza returned to Namibia in 2002 and, using the company laptop from his third job, he began to download software and create his own beats at home. “My kitchen became a studio. At that time I didn’t go out, I had no social life I only made music,” he says.

Since then, he has enjoyed great success.I’m doing what I like best now. When I left my job, people told me that I would not get respect and that music was not sustainable but now, I am earning enough by my music to live, and some songs of mine are played on radios and TVs all over Africa – so for me that is enough.”

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