Mutambara fails to reunite MDC


Most people, myself included, were relieved by Professor Mutambara's acceptance speech in which he said his mission was to reunite the MDC.

GIN: 0cm 0cm 6pt”>Most of us, though, were wondering how he was going to achieve this by taking sides, and accepting the presidency of the pro-senate group. Even within the pro-senate group itself, Mutambara’s decision to accept the post did not go down well with others, among them Gift Chimanikire, who may have been promised the presidency by some of his colleagues. So, from the very beginning, Mutambara is seen dividing the people.

He did acknowledge the MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai as a hero. He spoke strongly about the need to forget the past and move forward. A week or so later, he was quoted in the media saying: “How do we talk about a regime which is criminal and violent when you yourself are carrying out violent acts and violating your own party rules? We won’t be qualified to fight Mugabe if we are little Mugabes.”

His statements were obviously aimed at Tsvangirai. Mutambara has obviously not had time to do a careful analysis of the situation, and must have relied on information supplied to him by officials of the pro-senate party. He obviously has not heard about the acts of violence committed by members of his own party against members of the MDC. He should certainly have heard about people who lost their eyes and teeth at the hands of activists from the party that he leads.

I personally do not condone violence, whether it is committed by Zanu (PF), the MDC or the pro-senate party. But Mutambara must not accuse an individual without verifying his facts.

In his acceptance speech he clearly stated his position on the senate and other government institutions: “My position was that the MDC should have boycotted those senate elections. Not only that, I was for the total withdrawal from Parliament and all the other election-based institutions.”

The hope of many Zimbabweans was that he would quickly consult with his colleagues, with a view of persuading them to pull out of senate, pull out of parliament and all other offices obtained through rigged elections. However, Mutambara now talks of preparations for elections: “Even if we have to fight elections under the current constitution, we will build an opposition so strong and formidable that if Mugabe tries to rig elections, it will be impossible for him to get away with it.”

Some will argue that he needs more time to put his house in order, but so far, he has not lived up to his acceptance speech. The best is for us to watch and see. – Chitate is an MDC activist in New Zealand

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