News in Shona, Ndebele

LONDON - In a move aimed at celebrating and cherishing our linguistic and cult

ural diversity, despite having been forced to scatter throughout the globe by the ruinous policies of the Mugabe dictatorship, The Zimbabwean is soon to include news in Shona and Ndebele.

Commencing on March 23 each issue will include a condensed version of some of the week’s major stories in a four-page local language centre-spread. This will mean an increase in the number of pages to 28 per issue.

“We believe our mother tongues are a vital part of us. Zimbabweans have lost so much – this is our small contribution towards ensuring that we don’t lose our languages as well,” said publisher Wilf Mbanga. “Instead of learning Mandarin, let’s make sure our children can speak our own languages.”

We appeal to our readers in Zimbabwe to pass the Shona and Ndebele pages on to friends, family and others who may not be able to afford to buy the paper, in an attempt to extend access to information to all Zimbabweans.

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