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Mutambara's speech dissected
EDITOR - I was not impressed by Mutambara's speech on becoming "president".

"The pre-1980 R

obert Mugabe is part of the revolutionary tradition that defines us,” he said. Are we set for more chimurengas? Does he support bands of men shooting people up with guns?

“We revere Mbuya Nehanda,” he said. Are the spirit mediums going to run his
faction as they have run Zanu (PF) all these years too?
There was need for a land revolution in Zimbabwe.” What is wrong with
land reform? Revolutions are violent, chaotic bloody things. We have had
enough of revolution in Zimbabwe. There are more orderly ways of doing
things than through revolution.
Some western governments reneged on agreements.” He sounds like a Zanu
(PF) party parrot here. Which western governments? What agreements? Why did
they “renege?”
Mutambara never even mentioned land tenure and property rights. Does he
want to continue controlling the people like every government before him by
not giving ownership of land to individuals throughout the agricultural
Mutambara sounds as though he is a Zanu (PF) mujiba, not a World Bank or IMF
mujiba necessarily.

Mutambara a ‘sell-out’ – Mutasa

HARARE – The ruling Zanu (PF) party is increasingly getting unsettled with MDC

pro-senate faction leader Arthur Mutambara, with government’s intelligence chief Didymus Mutasa alleging that the robotics professor was an undercover Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative recruited to pursue the US’s imperialist agenda. Addressing a belated 21st February movement celebration in Hurungwe East at the weekend, Mutasa urged a timid Zanu (PF) audience to reject Mutambara’s leadership alleging he was a “sell-out” recruited by US President George Bush to “cause illegal regime change in Zimbabwe.”

Although Zanu (PF) has over the years sold President Mugabe’s candidature based on his academic achievements, Mutasa, in a move that smacked of double standards, told the Zanu (PF) supporters that one did not need to be a professor to lead. “Musatyisidzirwe kuti tine maProfessor aiwa (Do not be intimidated by the composition of the MDC faction which has two professors (Prof Welshman Ncube and Mutambara),” Mutasa said. “Hutungamiriri hauna mhosva nema Professor.

Solidarity platform

LONDON – A non-partisan platform open to Zimbabweans from all walks of

life who agree to work together against a common enemy while maintaining

their own individual political stance has been mooted here.

The organisers believe such a platform would be a healthy and democratic path to take in the collective endeavour to remove Mugabe and his long-failed Zanu (PF) Regime.

They advocate bringing Zimbabweans together under a Solidarity Banner both inside the country and throughout the Diaspora in a unity of purpose to defeat the common enemy.

“When the common enemy has been defeated and to consolidate true democracy, those who want to form different political parties and do so. But for now working together in Solidarity is the only way forward in Zimbabwe,” said a spokesman for the founding group.

“It is important that we waste no time in campaigning for a Zimbabwe Solidarity Action right across the world. Members of existing political parties will not need to abandon their political ideologies, opinions or policies. Only we, the people of Zimbabwe, can make a real difference to the plight of the people of Zimbabwe today, he said. – Own correspondent

MDC responds to ZASG ‘faked rally’

I would like to respond to the article that appeared in The Zimbabwean on Page 8 of the 2 – 8 March edition in my capacity as the organiser of the meetings held in Johannesburg on 25 and 26 February on behalf of the MDC in Johannesburg.

As part of the MDC’s programme towards preparations for the Congress in March, which took the delegation to Britain and America, the purpose of the visit to South Africa by Mr Matongo and Ms Thokozani Khupe was to address concerns and listen to recommendations expressed by party members living in South Africa, and to update them on congress preparations. Mr Matongo informed members that Diaspora Party structures would be fully incorporated into the main organisation and highlighted the need for members to organise themselves into structures in preparation for the selection of a representative South African national executive team.

The National Chairman Mr Matongo at no stage stated that ZASG ‘…..had misled the nation and the SADC region that it had a public following, yet it was being run by one man’.

I was present at all meetings addressed by the delegation and I wish to state that Mr Matongo acknowledged the contributions made by organisations and individuals towards the struggle for a free and democratic Zimbabwe.

I also wish to set the record straight that Ms Thokozani Khupe did not ‘insist that the MDC supporters in South Africa were not doing much for the party..’ as stated in the article in the same edition on page 2, entitled ‘MDC appeals for Congress funds,’ but instead acknowledged the hardships faced by Zimbabweans taking refuge in South Africa. She expressed concern at the divisions that had been created in South Africa and acknowledged the gatherings’ commitment to a united and strengthened South African MDC party structure under the leadership of the President Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. – Jacqueline Zwambila, MDC Chegutu Parliamentary Candidate

The errors are sincerely regretted. – Editor

MDC New Zealand backs Tsvangirai

AUCKLAND – Members of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) met in Auckland last week and made the following resolutions:

1. The situation in Zimbabwe needs all people to unite and confront the dictatorial regime of Robert Mugabe.

2. It is time concerned Zimbabweans, wherever they are, get involved in efforts to bring about change, rather than watch from the terraces as the situation continues to deteriorate.

3. MDC President, Morgan Tsvangirai, has made enough effort to bring back his colleagues who have strayed from the vision to remove the dictatorial regime of Robert Mugabe from power, but his efforts have been repeatedly spurned.

4. Morgan Tsvangirai is the legitimate leader of the MDC until congress elects another President.

5. We don’t recognize the meeting held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city last weekend as an MDC congress, and the one and only MDC congress to be held in Zimbabwe this year is the one that will take place on 18 and 19 March 2006 in Harare.

6. The desire by Professor Arthur Mutambara, leader of the opposition grouping formed out of the meeting held in Bulawayo by mostly former MDC officials, to bring back the break away group into the MDC, is a welcome initiative, and should the concerned former MDC officials realize the need to confront the regime in order to bring about a better life for all Zimbabweans, the door must be kept open for them to do so, provided they follow the appropriate procedures in so doing.

7. MDC New Zealand will respect the resolutions that will come out of the 18 – 19 March 2006 congress.

8. MDC New Zealand will mobilize Zimbabweans based in New Zealand to work towards creating democratic space in Zimbabwe.

9. MDC New Zealand will share notes with other MDC structures in the Diaspora in an effort to come up with a common approach for Zimbabweans in the Diaspora in the struggle to bring about a better life for all Zimbabweans.

10. MDC New Zealand will always strive to give a realistic impression of the true Zimbabwean situation to the New Zealand and South Pacific communities. – Ben Magaiza, Public Relations Officer, MDC New Zealand

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