Physical theatre in many languages

Harare-based Mwedzi Entertainment Productions presents Conquered Plans at Hifa 2006. The play was adapted and written by Stanley Mambo from George Nyamuzinga's original idea. Stanley

CITY> has also produced and directed Conquered Plans and Michael Fontaine is the co-director.

The diverse cast of actors include Jerry Gambiza, Richard McDonald, Joyce Ndudzo, Kenny Jonathan and Kimberly Masamvi.

Conquered Plans is set in ancient times when Africa was one natural thick forest, a forest of positive and negative forces, invisible and visible. The story follows Matanda, a poor man, who is deeply in love with Princess Taruwana. She swallows her pride and asks her father, King Tambaoga, to bless their marriage. He acquiesces but requires Matanda to ‘slave’ for him so as to earn the requisite bride price. The enemy of the night is King Garapo. He believes King Tambaoga’s land is rightfully his. What better way to spoil the paradise than by interfering in the bliss of Matanda and Taruwana. How do they overcome the temptations set before them, and their fears, desires and destiny?

The style of Conquered Plans is physical theatre and the dialogue is in English, Shona, Ndebele, Nyanja, Chewa, Swahili and imaginary languages.

Stanley Mambo believes “It is important and essential in any production to create beyond text or dialogue, in bringing the story to the audience. The image, emotion and movement should be set clearly and carry the story and then be supported by universal text. This enables us to cross all language and extraordinary barriers between humanity in the universe.”

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