Strike a blow for freedom – play Dictator!

HARARE - The frustr

ation and fear experienced by the ordinary person living in the hell of Zimboland, is what lead to the creation of “The Dictator”- a board game along the lines of Monopoly that was launched last week.

“Normal channels of debate do not exist and ordinary daily activities oblige people to become criminals in order to feed their families. This game is an attempt to show the bizarre life that is forced on the average person living there,” said the creator of Dictator in an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwean.

He hopes the game will provide Zimbabweans with an avenue through which to express their frustration and give some level of satisfaction. “Normal channels of debate have long since died in that dear land, and the truth lies buried very deeply. The real magic is that humour (a most endearing quality of the people) helps tremendously in seeing people through these difficult times, and this game is hilarious!” he said.

A Dictator is appointed by general consensus, and the “people/players” then throw dice to advance around the board, and are obliged to follow instructions that apply to the various blocks they land on. These instructions lead to a great deal of fun and laughter, and the object of the game is to outwit and dethrone The Dictator. This is the struggle of the Oppressed against the Oppressor, and if you feel the game is sometimes not fair, you are right!

“We are continuously appointing agents in all areas to assist in the distribution process. We ask all freedom loving people to distribute our story and STRIKE A BLOW FOR FREEDOM!” says Dictator’s creator. The game can be ordered by going to the website and paying by card or emailing [email protected]

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