Zanu (PF) broke – Karimanzira


ARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt”>HARARE – Zanu (PF) is broke – despite the billions it gets from the state coffers and its huge national network of commercial and industrial enterprises.

According to informed sources, the party’s finance guru David Karimanzira told a national fund-raising committee last week that he had resorted to writing letters to private company begging for donations. He is looking for some Z$300 billion following a massive downturn in the sale of party cards, as hard times hit even the party faithful.

This is not the first time the ruling party has fleeced Zimbabwe’s business community to fund its activities. Mugabe’s recent birthday bash saw civil servants and businesses in Mutare being strong-armed into donating billions of dollars to finance it.

“Let us invest in Zanu (PF) today in order for our heritage to achieve success as a great nation in future. We are kindly appealing for cash or kind … Kindly make cash donations payable to Zanu (PF). The account number is 4125-031273003 ZimBank,” says Karimanzira’s letter.

Meanwhile sources say he told the committee meeting that the party was committed to expanding its business investments and finding other means of generating revenue.

Zanu (PF) commercial web has tentacles in just about every sector, from agriculture and mining to manufacturing, construction and tourism. But like everything else in the country, these companies are in serious financial trouble due to the chronic shortages of foreign exchange and fuel, compounded by corruption and mismanagement.

A few months ago, the party ordered a full enquiry into all its businesses, which were under the supervision of former party strongman Emmerson Mnangagwa. It is understood the accounts had gone for five years without being audited.

Karimanzira confessed that the party’s department of finance was “disheartened by the rate at which membership cards (once a major source of income) are selling since their launch on October 1 2004.”

In addition to all its companies, properties and a huge annual grant from government under the Political Parties Finance Act, Zanu (PF) benefits considerably from the abuse of state resources. This abuse includes using government vehicles, offices, equipment and civil servants to do party work.

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