MDC denies disruption

HARARE - The MDC has distanced itself from allegations that its members have disrupted meetings held by other political parties.

"We wish to dismiss allegations that we are in the business of hiring thugs to disrupt meetings held by the pro-Senate group," said spokesman Nelson Chamisa

this week.
“In any case, it is impossible to infiltrate and disrupt their gatherings because of the large number of state security agents who cordon off these meetings. The security agents often outnumber those who attend,” he added.
“Their allegations against the party are a desperate attempt to camouflage their own thuggish behaviour. Instead of making wild accusations against the party, this motley group owes the MDC members and the nation at large an explanation on the missing $8 billion that belongs to the party.”
Meanwhile, the pro-Senate group has expressed outrage that MDC Harare provincial chairman, Morgan Femai, allegedly told a rally at the weekend that: “We will stamp them out before we stamp out Zanu (PF)” and said the pro-Senate group should not be allowed to hold its rallies in Harare or allowed to put up posters in the city.
Chamisa emphasises that the MDC was concerned with real national problems such as poverty, HIV/Aids, unemployment and acute shortages of basic commodities.
“The party is preoccupied with revitalising and expanding party structures in line with resolutions of the second national people’s Congress. The priority of the party is to rally the people for a new Zimbabwe,” he said.

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