Our lives in God’s hands – Tsvangirai

HARARE - "The lives of all Zimbabweans are under threat, not just mine," was MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai's response to threats to annihilate him from President Robert Mugabe, some of his ministers and Zanu (PF) heavies.
"There is absolutely nothing one can do if the forces of a dictators

hip are determined to liquidate him,” said Tsvangirai. “We all live in the shadow of a criminal state and for each one of us to continue to exist under a brutal dictatorship is entirely in the hands of Almighty God.”
He said many had already paid the ultimate price fighting for freedom in Zimbabwe.
“The cost of the Mugabe dictatorship is immense. How do you quantify the damage to a family that loses a breadwinner because of the shortage of malarial or anti-retroviral drugs? I see myself as a mere symbol of the resistance of most Zimbabweans to the tyranny that is oppressing us. I carry a message that resonates with the aspirations of an oppressed people. If Mugabe confuses the difference between the role I am playing and myself as an individual – that is his choice. The national crisis will not disappear because Mugabe is angry and has declared a war against the people.”
Tsvangirai said the people had charted a road map to a New Zimbabwe, which included a new constitution, and MDC would not let them down.
He said the government’s wrath had fallen on MDC because it was not a toothless opposition. “We unmasked this shameful act of deception – a society where the opposition is allowed, but constrained; dissent is vaguely tolerated, but infiltrated and severely limited. As was witnessed by all at our Congress last month, there no longer exists a dispute as to who represents the pulse of the nation.”
The MDC leader said it was no secret that the people were organising themselves for a final resolution of the crisis. Despite their frenzied attempts to do so, the authorities had failed to muzzle that debate.
“The people are clear about what needs to be done. And they shall do it. I am confident that when it happens, the result shall be in the national interest,” he said. – Own correspondent

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