Respect our democratic choice

Please allow me a space in your paper to respond to Ngqabutho Dube’s letter of 13-19 April 2006 (condemning hate speech) since when? When one publishes a name of any individual it becomes hate speech. It is a pity that Ngqabutho has not met me before, that shows he

is far away from the party’s grassroots level, the he claims to represent.
Why did he respond at a cheetah speed if he did not know who I am? We are not your enemy Zanu (PF), who kill, rape, murder and suppress innocent people and practice a dividing rule.
The people have spoken through the two congresses held in Zimbabwe’s two major cities. In Bulawayo the pro-senate or MDC Mutambara Congress was just a special elite congress. I respect each and every individual who was there. They chose Prof. Author Mutambara. It’s their democratic choice.
At the MDC mainstream people’s congress, President Morgan Tsvangirai was re-elected back into office. Please respect our democratic choice. As the interim secretary for information and publicity in South Africa region, I was chosen by districts and branches of the MDC.
The MDC mainstream does not introduce individuals into the party through the back door or in congresses.
MDC led by President Morgan Tsvangirai has been shown to be the party that represents the poorest of the poor, as was shown by them selling their livestock to reach to the congress and elect their leaders.
The Mugabe regime has victimised the entire nation. Nobody denies that. The MDC has stated again and again that once we are in power the truth and justice commission will address that.
I am also a victim of the regime. Zanu (PF) ordered the entire village at Sikande Valley to be burnt down. To date dozens of the Lemba people are still living in total poverty as a result.
Responding to General Tendai or Tongai Marufu, I think he does not follow the events in the party closely because I work with all structures in the region including the chairman of Mabopane. There is nothing hidden from members of the party. Anyone wishing to contest for any position in the regional structure can forward his name through the party structures. Yes we are preparing for the regional congress. The date, venue and list of candidates will be announced shortly.

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