There is no tomorrow


'It is like a wife who is beaten so badly that she will do anything to please her husband'

There is now only one way. There are no other options left. Time, inaction and lost opportunities have placed Zimbabwe where it is right now. Zimbabweans have talked

themselves into paralysis. They simply won’t face reality. I’m quite sure that many will dispute what I’m saying because it is NOT nice to say or hear these things. In fact, I do not like saying them because the natural reactions of some is to immediately attack, denigrate and accuse me of being an armchair critic (ala pro and anti senate). The trouble is that the demise of Zimbabwe has happened unchecked, with devastating speed, and as I write, there is no tomorrow.
The tragedy is that Zimbabwe’s democratic leaders have not arrived at the realisation that you CANNOT negotiate with Zanu (PF). They still think that applying pressure will bring Zanu (PF) to the negotiating table. Pressure? What pressure? Who on earth would contemplate destroying their country? No one, not even in their wildest dreams would anyone have expected this to happen. Well, Zanu (PF) have consciously gone ahead and have done just that. What was good is now evil. They have corrupted every sector of society. What was normal is now abnormal. The bucket of logic has been turned upside down. There is nothing to negotiate even if Zanu (PF) were prepared to negotiate!
It is on this basis that I say that Zimbabweans inside Zimbabwe must realise is that what they consider to be “normal” in Zimbabwe today is NOT normal. This society is traumatised and has been beaten into submission.
Zimbabweans need to comprehend these realities, come to terms with them, acknowledge them and take responsibility for them. Unfortunately it can be extremely difficult to accept reality. This is quite understandable given the enormous scale and dimension of what has and is happening. It is like a wife who is beaten so badly that she will do anything to please her husband. But the reality is that Zimbabweans have no option but to destroy Mugabe and Zanu (PF) before they destroy Zimbabwe.

There is no gain from criticising anyone or any sector of society for this disaster. Everyone must accept responsibility equally.
In particular, I comment on the white Zimbabweans, who constitute a minuscule proportion of society. What are they expected to do? The reality is that they are not wanted because their black fellow citizens don’t want to be seen as stooges as a result of association.
“Leave them alone” is my message because if they become involved, many Africans will see it as some kind of “new” colonisation and loss of “sovrenity”(sic). I know of many whites who are doing their bit for Zimbabwe. It is not right to get out the paintbrush and paint a bad picture when it is patently not the case.
The general observation that civic, activist and political groups should unite is absolutely correct. Why haven’t they? The answers are well known and documented. The truth is that as long as they remain segmented and disunited, the longer Zanu (PF) will remain in power.
Zimbabweans are not truly united and there is no viable strength in the current democratic leadership. It’s too fragmented. We have seen two congresses of the absurd. Their energies have been so easily diverted into hanging onto a name. It’s a pathetic show. Are these people truly Zimbabwe’s best alternative to Mugabe? Do they really have Zimbabwe’s best interests at heart? Do they really know what to do? Are these side-shows not indicative of the disunity of Zimbabwe as a whole? What has happened since these congresses? Is anything going to happen?
What I do know is that IF Zimbabweans (inside and outside) have dedicated, focused resolve and act in unison, things could change very quickly. But first, there is a need for smart, strong, cohesive, organised leadership. This leadership must be fully operational at ground level, in the streets. It must be seen to be leading the way. It must be uncompromising in terms of where it is headed. It must start humiliating Zanu (PF) and start winning the propaganda war. This leadership must not warn the regime of its actions in advance. This leadership must also have the confidence that when that call is made, the people will respond in their millions.
There is no other way forward. If these realities are too tough to stomach, there is no tomorrow.

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