Do not stand in the way of justice

From the Patriotic Military Forum, Command Council

We do not say that the "sole option to gain freedom is through the barrel of
a gun" and we do not call for "violent confrontation with the Zanu (PF)
government" and we will not "plunge the country into civil chaos". We call
for th

e punishment of criminals and justice for all. We call for our Comrade
leader to take his rest now.

We call on the government to feed the people, but if there are those who do
not take us seriously they will soon realise that they are making a mistake.
We do nothing for financial gain. We ask nothing for ourselves.

We simply ask for those who have led us in those days of the struggle to
serve the people now again or to go. Hear our voice, we are the Soldiers.
Those who have eyes have seen the signs. Others will see them soon again.
Again we rejoice that so many have heard the voice of the soldiers. We will
not fail in our duty to the people. They call on us to defend them. It is
their right. Who are we to turn our backs on them?

But some have heard and yet they do nothing. We ask them: “You who have led
us in the Chimurenga, why will you not lead us again now? Are you still that
Comrade Vitalis and that Comrade Emmerson, that Comrade Nathan, and that
Comrade Dumiso, can you hear the cries of the people and the voice of
soldiers and do nothing? For we know you hear, and we hear you when you
talk. Are you like Chombo and that man you all know who disgraces our
uniform with his lies and his thieving? Will you turn your backs on men with
full guns and empty bellies? Chombo will pay and that man you know will
pay. Do not stand in the way of this justice.

The people are so hungry. Their bellies are empty but they are the same
people who struggled with us. They are hungry for food but they are thirsty
for justice. The criminals like Made must pay. Is he hungry now? No. His
belly is full while the people groan under tribulation.

Gideon Gono are you now our Comrade in the Struggle? Do you share our
tribulation? Do you think you will always have bread and fuel while we have
nothing? Listen to us. Take your ease in that Switzerland. We will never
forget. One day we will speak what we know. Then you will tremble.
To our brothers and sisters in Uniform of the ZRP we say: We have heard you.
Do not trust in your leaders. Ask your Comrade Augustine will he stand with
you when the day of justice comes? He will not. He will be swept away. If
you want the respect from the people you must respect the people. Do not
obey those orders when there is no justice in them. Speak with your VOICE.
We will answer you.

To our Comrade President we say: You still live under God’s protection. We
pray He will bless and guard you. But you have left your children hungry,
you have forsaken us. You must go with our blessings, but GO.

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