Donors snub appeals for food aid

HARARE - The National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (Nango)
has issued a stark warning that the country is headed for a catastrophe if
the food situation doesn't urgently improve.

With an estimated three million people facing severe food shortages Nango

and communications manager, Fambai Ngirande, recently told
Parliament that appeals for food aid from the international community had
received a ‘very poor’ response.

Giving evidence before a parliamentary portfolio committee on Labour and
Social welfare, Ngirande blamed the country’s appalling human rights record
for the snub by the donors.

“The level of funding into Zimbabwe is devastatingly low. Out of US$276m
requested only a paltry US$9m has so far made its way into our coffers,”
Ngirande said. His warning comes in the wake of a similar one by retired
Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Vitalis Zvinavashe who last week
called for openness about food shortages affecting the country.

In a thinly veiled attack on Robert Mugabe and his Cabinet, who in the past
have claimed that the country had enough food when it did not, Zvinavashe
said: “We have to be open about the food situation. We have heard people
saying I have so many tonnes of food but if you go to the Grain Marketing
Board there is nothing.”

The government is sensitive and highly secretive on issues regarding food
security in the country.  Last week they barred the Food and Agricultural
Organisation (FAO) from making an independent assessment of food
requirements in the country which once again is expected to harvest less
food this year. – SW R adio Africa


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