Epworth man creates a wire-sculptured village

Art comes in all kinds and shapes. For an Epworth man, Dexter Nyamainashe, rims of wire and odd bits and pieces he's been picking round and about since 1994 have all been augmented to create a compact mobile African village.
The mobile village is Africa recreated. In a matte

r of seconds you are taken on a breath-taking tour of the African continent. Nigerian men scaling palm trees, a Malawian religious sect praying in the bush, Zimbabwean women cooking sadza, Senegalese men thatching falling roofs, Angolan men fishing in a river and a Ghanaian couple making love and even more.
The piece reflects Africa not only as an industrious community but also as a beautiful world with tradition and culture. It is an impressive piece of artwork that requires a lot of genius and enterprise. Besides the popular mobile village, Dexter also makes different wire products like flippers, boxing dolls all in a bid to provide edu-tainment for the idling youth in his community. Dexter is not only an artist but also a committed family man and purely survives on art.

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