MDC vows to bring down ‘Iron Curtain’

HARARE - The MDC has promised that, when given the chance to govern Zimbabwe, it will repeal repressive laws and dismantle institutions that restrict the right to information and expressions.
"The MDC government will restore the confidence of citizens in the ability of the State to play its role

of provider of infrastructure and enhance freedom of movement and expression by repealing POSA, AIPPA, POTRAZ, BAZ in particular and replacing them with a legal environment that encourages investment in communications and media,” said information secretary Nelson Chamisa in a statement to mark World Press Freedom Day last week.
“We will encourage the establishment of privately owned independent television stations, privately owned independent community radio stations, and privately-owned newspapers,” he said.
“Since the gigantic electoral fraud of 2000, the government has become the major predator of press freedom by closing six private media institutions, chief among them the country’s most popular daily newspaper, The Daily News. The Daily News on Sunday, Joy TV, The Tribune, The Weekly Times and Voice of the People (VoP) are all in the country’s media graveyard, thanks to a frightened government that has become allergic to critical thought and opinion,” added Chamisa.
He said the Zanu (PF) regime’s reaction towards a critical press confirmed its pariah status and a growing fear of its own people. “Its mission is to maintain the iron curtain and to keep Zimbabwe as an isolated and insulated island far removed from the global village that the whole world has become. The regime must be unmasked and the international community must join hands with all democratic forces in the country to stop this desperate crusade to mutilate and annihilate all forces championing change and diversity of opinion,” he said.

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