New book by Bart Wolffe

Zimbabwean poet and author Bart Wolffe has had his first novel written in exile published by an American company. Entitled Worm Head, the books tells the story of John Citizen, a man in search of identity and meaning - his real name forgotten as he voyages through many stories and many lives, not ju

st his own.
Trapped by an encounter with an alien worm that has invaded his body and brain, John finds himself dreaming of another world and another life, forcing him to constantly wonder, whose life is it?
Now living in Germany, Bart Wolffe was a leading playwright, poet and author in his home country, Zimbabwe. He left Zimbabwe due to censorship and political oppression. His plays were frequented by the notorious Central Intelligence Organisation of the Mugabe government, and have been performed in London, Edinburgh, Dublin and throughout Southern Africa. Worm Head is his first book to be released in the USA.

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