Shopping Basket 25-05-06

Supermarket prices, Harare northern suburb
14/05/06 21/5/06 Increase, 4weeks
Mealie meal, refined 5kg Z$150,000 Z$162,000 -31.4%
tomatoes 1kg Z$231,000 Z$270,000 36.4%
matches box Z$12,000 Z

candles 6 (450g) Z$295,000 Z$295,000 0.0%
soap hand,125g Z$68,000 Z$68,000 -57.1%
soap bath, 125g Z$145,000 n/a
soap Bath, 250g Z$172,000 Z$172,000 -37.2%
soap blue, 750g Z$208,000 Z$208,000 -32.2%
soap Brown, 500g Z$133,000 Z$133,000 0.0%
Flour, plain white, 2kg n/a n/a
flour Brown, 2kg Z$317,000 Z$317,000
Tea, cheapest,250g Z$84,000 Z$123,000 46.4%
bread 700g Z$85,000 Z$85,000 0.0%
salt Table, 1kg Z$67,000 Z$67,000 0.0%
salt Coarse, 1kg Z$44,000 Z$44,000
kapenta 100g Z$306,000 Z$306,000 77.9%
soyamince 500g n/a Z$231,000
beans 500g Z$171,000 Z$171,000 64.4%
cooking oil 750ml Z$276,000 Z$250,000 -13.8%
mufushwa 100g Z$70,000 Z$70,000 0.0%
sugar 2kg n/a n/a
lacto 500ml Z$90,000 Z$88,000 17.3%
milk 500ml Z$108,000 Z$108,000 20.0%
P’nut butter 375ml Z$200,000 Z$200,000 0.0%

Against a generally hyperinflationary environment, producers and retailers try to offer cheaper brands.
If you were to track the price of a familiar brand, it would increase more than the samples quoted here and would be unavailable more often. The data collector (and, I suspect, the retailer) do not guarantee the quality of these cheapest brands.

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