Supermarket prices, Harare northern suburb

  16/4/06 23/4/06 30/4/06 Increase, 1 wk
Mealie meal 10kg, refined Z$368,000.00 Z$472,000.00 Z$368,000 -22.0%
tomatoes 1kg Z$121,000.00 Z$198,000.00 n/a
matches box n/a n/a n/a
candles 6 (40

0g)       Z$295,000.00         Z$295,000.00            Z$295,000 0.0%
soap hand,125g        Z$130,000.00         Z$132,000.00                          n/a
soap Bath, 125g       Z$145,000.00         Z$137,000.00             Z$167,000 21.9%
 Bath, 250g              Z$172,000.00                  n/a                                   n/a
soap blue, 500g       Z$204,666.67         Z$204,666.67             Z$354,000 73.0%
soap Brown, 500g   Z$133,000.00         Z$133,000.00
flour plain, 2kg         Z$318,000.00         Z$318,000.00             Z$318,000 0.0%
flour Brown             Z$317,000.00         Z$317,000.00 0.0%
tea cheapest,250g    Z$84,000.00          Z$84,000.00                Z$84,000 0.0%
bread 700g              Z$85,000.00          Z$85,000.00                Z$85,000 0.0%
salt Table, 1kg         Z$58,000.00          Z$67,000.00                Z$67,000 0.0%
kapenta 100g          Z$164,000.00        Z$172,000.00              Z$172,000 0.0%
soyamince 500g             n/a                         n/a                                       n/a
beans 500g             Z$171,000.00         Z$104,000.00              Z$104,000 0.0%
cooking oil 750ml   Z$245,000.00          Z$290,000.00              Z$245,000 -15.5%
mufushwa 100g      Z$70,000.00            Z$70,000.00                Z$70,000 0.0%
sugar 2kg                       n/a                         n/a                                       n/a
lacto 500ml            Z$75,000                 Z$75,000.00                Z$88,000 17.3%
milk 500ml             Z$90,000                 Z$90,000.00                Z$108,000 20.0%
Peanut butter 375ml Z$200,000.00        Z$200,000.00                             n/a

Shortages usually precede a big price increase. Soap was very scarce this
Soya mince has reappeared, in nicely printed cardboard 100g packets, in
various flavours, at $91000, compared with $100,000 for 500g when last seen
in mid-March.

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