Sundowners and Sunsets

Sundowners and Sunsets

The challenges facing the Zimbabwe tourism industry became quite apparent again following the last few weeks’ wrangle between the Zanu (PF) Chairperson and a Bulawayo businessman over a lodge that was on a formerly white-owned farm. Anyone fol

lowing the debacle, that apparently saw four tourists being told to pack their bags by the ZRP, will be left wondering if lodges on such appropriated properties are now legitimately in the hands of their new owners, and whether or not it is safe to travel in Zimbabwe.

The answers to these questions we do not know. What is for certain is that there are long-suffering legitimate operators and venue owners who have endeavoured to keep going in the face of immense challenges. They really need the support of those in the Diaspora who go home on holiday in order to keep going. Failing this, they will not survive and it will not be long before there is no-one left to showcase what is arguably the most beautiful and diverse country in the region.

This week the team has decided to focus on Lake Kariba and its majestic houseboats, which hopefully should not be in any danger of being declared a farm implement and thus being expropriated for redistribution.

Kariba lake is dotted with islands and fringed by mountains and spans nearly 300 kilometres. Visitors to Kariba can enjoy the unique privilege of viewing the abundant wildlife not just a from tour bus, hotel or safari lodge, but from the tranquillity of a houseboat on the water itself. Elephant, lion, buffalo, waterbuck, duiker, leopard, jackal, impala, kudu, zebra and even the occasional rhino can all be seen from the extraordinary vantage point of a houseboat’s sundeck, where spectacular sunsets are also guaranteed.

While Zambia is fast realising the huge tourism potential the lake has to offer, Zimbabwe still remains the country of choice when planning a houseboat trip. At we have over 60 boats available for charter with the majority conveniently moored at Marineland Harbour, which is central and easily accessible. Fuel is readily available and the only major concern, as any Zimbabwean will tell you, is whether or not there is sufficient ice! [email protected];

Houseboat of the Month

Utopia is on Kariba!

Utopia is a well-maintained mono-hull vessel which has been cruising the waters of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe for the past 10 years. The boat comfortably takes 12 people and comes highly recommended for its neat finishes and friendly staff.

There are four cabins situated below deck, all with portholes, and above deck there are four different levels. The closest deck to the water is the Bermuda Deck where the tender boats are secured and clients can fish from. There is also a cold water shower and basin where one can cool off during the hot lazy days on the water. Most of the meals are served on the next level, the Lounge Deck, where the scenery can also be appreciated. The next deck is the Middle Deck, which has two large cushioned seats running its length. This deck is usually used by clients to relax, read a book or magazine or just to admire the scenery and wildlife. The last and highest deck is the Sun Deck, a smaller look out point that can comfortably accommodate six to eight people. This area is great for spotting wildlife or just to relax and catch some of the glorious Kariba sunshine.

Utopia tows two tender boats ideal for fishing. The boats are well equipped with fishing gear to provide clients with an opportunity to try their hand at catching the famous Kariba Tiger Fish. The crew will also gladly assist with all aspects of fishing and their expertise will prove invaluable in finding good fishing spots.
For an unforgettable family holiday and to enquire about availability for Utopia or any other houseboats please email Amy at [email protected].

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