Amateur poetry conference planned

By Tins Magaba

Zimbabwe is a country facing many economic and social challenges. And that the human spirit quite often blooms in desolation can be seen by the number of literary initiatives coming out of Zimbabwe. A dedicated group of young poets and poetry lovers have teamed up to orga

nize the first ever Zimbabwe Amateur Poetry Conference to be held before the end of July in Harare.

Poetry, and creative literature in general, is a sustainable industry on its own and this is seen particularly in First World countries. In Zimbabwe, creative writers are waking up to the call of duty and getting involved in a number of projects with a significant bearing on the livelihood of their people.

Many young writers in Zimbabwe lack technical awareness, have no access to books due to prohibiting costs and have little appreciation of literature, the Zimbabwe Amateur Poetry Conference seeks to promote creativity among the youth as well as promote networking among established artists and the young ones.

Various experts have been identified to facilitate different workshops that will be run to complement the conference. Spokesperson of the initiative, Mbizo Chirasha, also announced that the group will be hosting This Is Africa Poetry Night at a Harare gallery, an event during which a number of established and establishing poets are expected to perform and read their poetry.

Indeed, poetry is alive in Zimbabwe!

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