Our dear leader has us shown the way

WARD 12, PARIRENYATWA HOSPITAL, HARARE -So! Like all of us Mugabe is also now feeling the pinch of his economic mismanagement. I wondered how long it would take him to get this far. It seems he can't pay his son's school fees. Welcome to the real world, Robert my dear. Or

maybe, on second thoughts, it’s just that he won’t. Certainly, he has enough loot to pay the fees a thousand times over -even without selling his Borrowdale palace.
But I like the guy’s style. If he doesn’t think he’s getting value for money, he just refuses to pay and continues to send his son to the school -knowing very well that of course they can’t exclude the kid because he is the chef’s kid. And of course the CIO are waiting outside the door. A few nights in Chikurubi could soon get the headmistress compliant -but even they might feel a bit squeamish about locking up a nun.
I think we should all follow his example. I’m going to tell my sons to send my grand kids to those fancy private schools to learn to eat masalads and join the nose brigades. It doesn’t matter if they can’t pay. They just say:” The president says the fees are too high. I want my child to come to this school but I don’t want to pay.”
I am very excited that my darling little magaisas can now have the chance to be in small classes with good teachers and lots of books and computers, not to mention plenty of chalk for the board, chairs to sit on and real soccer balls instead of plastic bags -none of which are available at government schools any more -thanks to baba vaChatunga and his war cabinet (which has even made war on our children these days -denying them food, medical care, clean water and education).
MaiMagaisa has been agonising over whether to join the Combined Harare Resident’s Association’s boycott against rates.
With the city council being illegal, and failing to provide any decent services to its residents, I agree with them that people should not pay anything. We should all follow Baba vaChatunga’s lead and refuse to pay for anything that is not satisfactory or that we feel is too expensive. This is certainly the way to solve our problems and stop this inflation and economic chaos. Our dear leader has us shown the way.
While we are about it, we should also refuse to pay hospital fees. The hospitals have no doctors, no drugs, no equipment. What are we paying for? Let’s all refuse to pay for everything.
Actually Air Zimbabwe has already started this new tactic. But unfortunately this has back-fired a bit as the foreign service-providers they have refused to pay have now threatened to impound the planes.
Let’s hope the nuns don’t get any ideas from this about kidnapping little Chatunga in order to persuade his dad to pay up.

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