Stampede for zebra meat

HARARE - Hard-pressed Zimbabweans last week stampeded to have a chunk of zebra meat after the animal which had strayed from a farm on the outskirts of the city was knocked down by a car in the leafy suburb of Mabelreign.
The residents only fled the scene after the police and officials from the D

epartment of National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority arrived.
A spokesman for the National Parks and Wildlife, Edward Mbewe, confirmed the incident saying they had seized part of the beast.
“We understand the zebra strayed from one Motsi’s plot in the neighbourhood. The guy has about 70 zebras he keeps on his plot,” said Mbewe.
With a kilogramme of low grade beef now costing about Z$1 500 (revalued), the zebra meat was like the Biblical “manna from heaven” for the residents.
High beef prices have pushed the commodity beyond the reach of most Zimbabweans who are grappling with a severe economic crisis most critics blame on President Robert Mugabe’s policies. – ZimOnline

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