Zimbabwean poetry reignited

By Tins Magaba
HARARE - Over 15 poets performed and read their poetry to an enthusiastic audience of poetry lovers during the This is Africa Poetry Night on 22 July. The event was organized by The Art of Poetry Train, DoubleEdge Arts Agency and the Young Writers Caravan, all dynamic enterprises b

uilding a strong foundation for the literary arts in the country.
Inspired by the mundane day-to-day happenings and the larger socio-political issues, the poetry read and performed on this July night echoed the universal voice and spirit of the masses. It is often argued that literary production in any society flourishes in the most desperate circumstances.
Mbizo Chirasha who coordinated the initiative excitedly described the event as a “huge success for Zimbabwean literature as it heralded new voices.” In his introductory address to the audience, Chirasha explained the importance of the event. “This is Africa Poetry Night, is a night to reflect on Africa’s development, lifestyles, freedom, injustices, revolutions, through the art of poetry, for poetry is the voice of the people.”
The primary reason for hosting the day was to “make the people of Zimbabwe realize the importance of poetry within the communities they live, especially how poetry touches their lives and transform their ways of living. Poets are the mouthpiece of any given society.”
There is indeed bursting creativity in Zimbabwe with a lot of emerging young voices having an unbelievable amount of energy, motivation and zest. What is particularly sad is that there are very few institutions and platforms that expose this wonderful pool of poetic talent.
The performing artists included Chirikure Chirikure, Celia Winter Irving, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Mbizo Chirasha, Thando Sibanda, Police State Poet, Outspoken, Fungai Machirori, Kadija, Guerilla Poet, Fungai Masango-Willard, Masimba Chief K. Biriwasha, Elizabeth Muchemwa, Francis Madyegasva, Mbonisi, Farai Mpofu and Ngoni Upmost Tapiwa.
Another key event was the Poetry Workshop that ran for a full day on 20 July at the United Nations Information Centre and covered topics on Poetry writing, performances, publication and marketing and the arts collaboration. The mission for this conference was to bring together upcoming and renowned poets together to share experiences and discuss opportunities available to them to improve their works.

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