Farm invasions continue

MUTARE - Six years after the start of the chaotic land invasions the Zimbabwe government is still evicting white farmers. Last week prominent Manicaland farmer, Dave Meikle's farm was invaded by people waving letters of offer from the minister in charge of the spy agency, CIO, and lands, Didymus Mut

Meikle’s farm is one of the most highly-developed commercial agriculture properties in the province – farming timber and fruit.
A friend of his told The Zimbabwean: “Dave is a born African with parents and grandparents who lived in Zimbabwe. He has been dispossessed in the past few days together with many others in a similar position. His personal losses will run to many millions of US dollars. This is not only unjust, it is patently illegal and racist. Again Mutasa is the principle player – his own home is not far from the farm. Mutasa was also present when the Trade Union and MDC leaders were being beaten into pulp in Harare two weeks ago – he was actually seen during the beating at the Police Station in Mbare.
“The family arrived home from a funeral to find invaders in the house who forced them to pack immediately. They realised that the offer letter was a genuine Didymus Mutasa thing and that there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. A senior policeman finally arrived and restored a bit of order. The family spent a very uncomfortable night, and broken-heartedly made the decision to vacate their home of 32 years. Many tears were shed but they are going forward. They lost everything, including all equipment and tools etc. Only their personal effects were recovered.” Ironically, on the same day, Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono appeared on South African television declaring that farm invasions in Zimbabwe were over. Apart from the Meikles,12 farms in Chiredzi/Masvingo and six in Chipinge have been taken recently. – Own correspondent

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