Mangwana’s imaginary gun battle

HARARE - Anti-corruption minister Paul Mangwana is the nation's newest laughing stock following dramatic and contradictory state media reports and interviews about an alleged (imaginary) gun battle outside his Meyrick Park home at the weekend.
Mangwana told state radio that gunmen had opened fire

on his house to intimidate him because of his fight against corruption. He said the guard had exhausted 21 rounds of ammunition during the two-hour ‘gun battle’. But police rejected any claims that shots had been fired. According to police spokesman Oliver Mandipaka, “only stones were thrown” at the minister’s home.
The only shots fired, Mandipaka said, were warning shots by a police officer guarding Mangwana’s residence. Confusion was heightened by the fact that there was a power cut at the time and the area plunged in darkness.
Other official media reports said the police guard, Cuthbert Tichagwa shot at the intruders but his gun jammed after firing one round, prompting him to rush to the Attorney-General Sobusa Gula-Ndebele’s residence a few metres from his house for assistance.
“Cde Mangwana described the attack as shocking, but said he would not be deterred from carrying out his work against the scourge of corruption,” said the Herald.
“We have to be more resolved and should not be scared at all by this mafia-kind of action. We definitely have to get to the bottom of the matter.
It’s my personal sacrifice to clean society of corruption to realise the country’s economic turnaround,” said Mangwana.
So far his efforts have netted a few small fish and not a single major corrupt official. – Own correspondent

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