Mugabe endorses state terrorism – MDC

HARARE - The main opposition MDC has slammed President Robert Mugabe's latest utterances in the state media concerning police brutality and torture of labour leaders and pro-democracy activists.
"Mugabe's statements show that Zimbabwe is now a state where anarchy and intolerance are officially a

ccepted as a way of life despite the regime’s ratification of various international and regional protocols,” said spokesman Nelson Chamisa in a statement.
“Such behaviour flies in the face of his regime’s botched attempts to rebuild bridges with the international community. No sane government, business community or development partner would wish to work with a regime that sanctions violence, promotes intolerance and declares war against its own people,” he said.
Mugabe accused the labour leaders of seeking attention through their actions. Chamis said he his henchmen had become a danger to themselves, to the nation, to SADC and to world peace.
“Mugabe accuses the ZCTU leaders of breaking the law. This is unfortunate because under the Zimbabwean Constitution and even in terms of all Draconian laws in this country, demonstrations are permitted. POSA is very clear on the issue of demonstrations. It states that people wishing to exercise their right express themselves in terms of the Constitution merely have to notify the police about their intentions. POSA does not authorize the police to sanction such activities,” said Chamisa.
When the battered labour leaders and MDC activists appeared before a magistrate on Friday, 15 September 2006, the court ordered the Commissioner of Police to furnish it with a report on the assault of the suspects while at Matapi Police Station. On Saturday, Mugabe was in contempt of court through actions, which ridicule the magistrate’s order. “Effectively, Mugabe was saying the torturers and perpetrators of the assaults did so with his blessing,” said Chamisa.

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