Schools re-named

HARARE - Zimbabwe's main opposition, the MDC, has scoffed at government's "double standards" in renaming hundreds of schools, formerly with British names, after the country's national heroes when ministers were surreptitiously sending their children to foreign schools.
Many private schools have o

ver the past few months been renamed to honour liberation “heroes” and government figures from Zimbabwe in what has been described by critics as “an apparent bid by President Mugabe to pander to anti-colonialist sentiment.”
Among some of the prominent schools whose names have been changed is Harare-based Prince Edward High School, which has been re-christened Murenga Boys High, after a leader of an uprising against colonial settlers a century ago.
A girls’ school named after Queen Elizabeth has also been changed to the Sally Mugabe Girls High after President Mugabe’s first wife who died of kidney failure in 1992.
Other figures from British royalty and the colonial era, including British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Cecil Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was known before independence, have also been replaced. – Own correspondent

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