Zanu thugs steal vendors’ goods

VICTORIA FALLS - Zanu (PF) cadres on Saturday stopped Zambian cross-border traders in Victoria Falls and confiscated their goods, accusing them of contributing to food shortages and escalating prices of basic commodities in the resort town.
Police later raided a warehouse believed to belong to t

he National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) and seized goods, including maize-meal and sugar, on suspicion that the supplies were stolen.
Victoria Falls was last week reported to have run out of maize-meal, cooking oil and a wide range of basic commodities, including sugar. The shortage reportedly incensed Zanu (PF) supporters, who marched to a warehouse where the Zambians store their goods overnight before clearance at the border.
“They looted goods worth thousands of dollars,” David Mulenga, a Zambian cross-border trader said. “They kept threatening and accusing us of trying to sabotage Zanu (PF).”
Police in Hwange said investigations were under way following a police raid on the NRZ facility that recovered beer cans, maize-meal bags, cooking oil and large amounts of sugar.
“We acted on a tip-off from the public,” the officer said. “Some of these people you say had their goods looted are smugglers and what they are doing is unlawful.”

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