Save Zimbabwe Campaign (05-12-06)

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Take five minutes out to join the people of

Zimbabwe in the sound of freedom.

Every Wednesday, from 1:00p.m. to 1:25p.m.

Four weeks of activism

F Whistle for justice.

F Hoot your horn for an end to shortages.

F Clap your hands for freedom from oppressive laws.

F Beat your pots and pans for an end to hunger.

F Shout for a new home-grown constitution.

F Pray for five minutes for salvation of Zimbabwe

Let Zimbabwe reverberate with the loud,

sweet sound of freedom and resistance.

Lunch hour will never be the same!

Who we are

SAVE Zimbabwe Campaign is a broad alliance of civic

groups, churches and political parties who are working together

for the salvation of Zimbabwe.

Why we are doing this action?

Our noise is a symbol of our distress at the way Zimbabwe has been

governed and a cry of hope for transformation.

How you can find out more?

Contact the SAVE Zimbabwe Campaign Task Force at:-

Tel: +263-9-883414/5, +263-4-703474/738920,

Email: [email protected]

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