Top MDC women leave for AU

Sekai Holland addressing a rally
HARARE - The Tsvangirai-led MDC has dispatched a high-powered delegation to the 6th ordinary session of the African Union (AU) in Addis Ababa next week, a

s the party cranks up its international diplomatic offensive.
Another delegation led by lands secretary, Seiso Moyo, has gone to Kenya to sensitise heads of state meeting at the World Social Forum on the deepening political crisis in Zimbabwe.
The Zimbabwean heard that the MDC team, Policy and Research secretary Sekai Holland and deputy International Relations secretary Grace Kwinjeh, would present an “important message” from Morgan Tsvangirai to the current AU chairman, Ouma Konare.
They were also due to seek an audience with the new United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, who is scheduled to attend the ordinary session.
It was unclear if President Robert Mugabe would attend the session, amid speculation that, for the first time, he would stay away fearing strong censure over his ruinous handling of the economy. The AU’s peer review mechanism committee has been under sustained pressure to call Mugabe to order.
MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa said the party had embarked on a broad international campaign that involved enlisting the support of key regional and international bodies in a bid to pressure Mugabe to abandon his plan of postponing Presidential elections, constitutionally scheduled for March 2008, to some date in 2010. – Own correspondent

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