Bindura Uni honours Mugabe-(22-02-07)

HARARE - The Bindura State University this week added yet another feather on President Robert Mugabe's cap, at a time universities that have passed the same gesture are stripping the veteran ruler of the honour citing

his descent into a full-fledged dictator.
The State University on Monday awarded the octogenarian with an honorary doctorate of Science during a graduation ceremony of 207 graduands at the campus.
The chairman of the Bindura University Council, Dr Solomon Guramatunhu, said in a citation the university had unanimously resolved to award an honorary degree to Mugabe because he was a “beacon of hope for the people of this country.”
The much-degreed Mugabe boasts a string of caps from prestigious universities across the world including Fort Hare, where he sent off 117 students on Monday under the Presidential Scholarship Fund. Mugabe shares the Fort Hare alumni with luminaries such as apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.
Mugabe also has degrees from esteemed institutions such as the Edinburgh University in Scotland, which is set to strip the 83-year-old leader of the honorary degree it conferred on him in 1984. The university said recently its decision to strip the increasingly authoritarian leader of the honorary degree was that Mugabe was “now behaving in a way that would never allow him to have an honorary degree in a million years.”
In his acceptance speech at Bindura State University, Mugabe shamelessly attempted to draw parallels between Zimbabwe’s crisis-wrecked economy and Cuba, which does not apply policies advanced by the IMF, but is showing advances in its Gross Domestic Product as compared to Harare which currently represents the worst socio-economic backward step of the century.
Mugabe told the graduation ceremony: “Here we are crying about hardships but go to Cuba you will see what hardships are.”
Unlike Zimbabwe – with the highest inflation in the world – Cuba applies a State-run social policy that secures access to basic services, mainly health and education, and a macro-economic policy that gives priority to job creation and production.

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