Bvumbe calls for sacrifice

HARARE - The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has warned that if the current spate of price increases continues unabated, there will be no consumer to talk about in the next few months.
Increases saw the consumer basket as depicted by CCZ galloping to Z$458 000, while that of the Central Statis

tical Office (CSO) rose to Z$566 000.
“It is very difficult to predict where the cost of living will be in the next four to five months but I can tell you that if the current trend in the rate of price increase continue there will be no consumer to talk about.  Most people will not afford anything,” said CCZ chairman Philip Bvumbe.
“If the parties to the social contract (government, business, labour and other stakeholders) are committed to restraint, then the cost of living will not go up as it is currently doing,” Bvumbe said.  Although Bvumbe could not give an exact figure on the cost of living, fears are that it could reach Z$1 million by June this year if corrective measures are not taken.
He added: “Unless parties to the social contract are committed to fighting inflation and prepared do away with their conflicts, there will be no social contract to talk about.  Without sacrifice we cannot talk of any social contract in this country.  The current scenario where people do not trust each other is unsustainable.”
Bvumbe said government should also put tight restrictions on the importation of luxury goods in order to protect local industries.

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