Fake currency found-(15-02-07)

HARARE - A wad of Z$10,000 bearer cheques and a total of 7,000 counterfeit US$100 bills have been impounded by police in Harare. Two DRC nationals have been arrested.
The fake notes were impounded at a house in the Avenues, and police have said they suspect the notes originated from an East Afri

can syndicate operating between DRC and Zimbabwe. Detectives who raided the house found the notes wrapped in DRC newspapers in a travel bag.
Security personnel at the US Embassy in Harare have described the notes as expertly forged. The notes have six different serial numbers between them.
The distinct purple $10,000 Zimbabwean bearer cheques were also expertly counterfeited in exactly the same material used on the genuine bearer cheques.
Police have said the information they have so far suggests that the US bills were smuggled from DRC by road via Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. Banks and members of the public have been warned to be on the lookout as some of the fake notes may already be in circulation. – Gift Phiri

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