Karimanzira vows war on corruption

HARARE - The governor of the Harare Metropolitan Province, David Karimanzira, has for the first time promised to stamp out corruption, saying all errant and irresponsible business taking advantage of the economic crisis in order to make abnormal gains at the expense of ordinary people will not 

be tolerated this year.
Karimanzira made the remarks at the 2006 Reap Big Rewards Promotion held in the capitol on Friday, although analysts said he should have taken action on such practices when he became governor, because corruption had already brought the city to its knees.
“Government will not tolerate corrupt activities in Harare, regardless of your political affiliation,” Karimanzira said.
He expressed government’s commitment to work with the business community to improve the lives of millions of Zimbabweans suffering as a result of the economic challenges the country is going through.  These have been largely blamed on corruption by government officials.
“Those individuals conducting business unethically through briefcase companies will face the wrath of the law this year,” said Karimanzira. 
Zimbabwe Farmers Union chief, Silas Hungwe, was one of the architects behind the Reap concept nearly a decade ago. He urged the organizers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector to come up with more projects to complement government’s efforts to motivate farmers to revive farming. – Business reporter

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