MDC demands minister’s return

HARARE - We are deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in the public health system. This is a direct result of the impasse between the government and the striking junior doctors. Nurses in all government hospitals have now joined the strike in solidarity with their colleagues. Our though

ts and sympathies lie with the patients whose lives are exposed to real danger.
The minister responsible for health, David Parirenyatwa has the temerity and arrogance to take leave and go abroad in the midst of such a crisis. Such contemptuous bungling in decision-making should not be tolerated.
We demand that the minister responsible comes back home immediately to deal with this crisis, failure of which he should admit that he has failed and resign.
As a party, the MDC will continue to advocate the observance of the people’s Health Rights and provision for a minimum platform of health rights in the constitution and law. We firmly believe that there is need to fulfil the state’s obligation to providing sound health services, equitably distributed and with adequate drugs and well- resourced staff. As a party we will provide and encourage leadership across the political, public and private divide and community sectors to face the realities and challenges of the HIV/AIDS pandemic with a view to addressing the crisis in a holistic and informed manner for the betterment of present and future generations.
We call upon the people of Zimbabwe to reject the myopic and dysfunctional manner in which the current government has handled matters of the nation’s health. It is clear that unless and until this government begins to respect the people’s health rights, disease and death will be permanent guests in Zimbabwean households.
The nation deserves better – Our present and future needs to be secured. – Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, Deputy Secretary General, MDC (Mutambara)

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