ZESA staff get increases

HARARE - AFTER a five-week dispute over salaries ZESA Holdings has finally awarded workers a wage increment of between 250% and 400% on a sliding scale back dated to January 2007.George Makings, a labour specialist with Meikles Africa, represented ZESA management, while the workers were represented

by prominent lawyer and activist Lovemore Madhuku in the arbitration process. 
The lowest grades A11 to A33 will get a 400% salary adjustment, 350% for grades B11 to B53, 300% for grades C11 to C53 and 250% for grades D1 to D2.  In their statement, the arbitrators said they had not addressed the transport allowance, as they were not given the mandate to do so.
Taking into consideration the current cost of living, the arbitrators said the increase would not be in a staggered manner as earlier suggested by management. “As arbitrators in this matter we had serious concerns about the levels of the current minimum wage in the sector, which at this time stands at $23 275, which is a very low figure.”
Efforts to get a comment from ZESA acting chief executive Benjamin Rafemoyo on the company’s ability to pay were fruitless as he was said to be in meetings.

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