John Makumbe
Some of us have often stated that Zanu (PF) contains the seeds of its own destruction. Recent reports seem to confirm that some of these seeds are now germinating and bearing frightfully bitter fruit for the dictator and his fewer and fewer supporters. The Mujuru faction, for example

, boycotted Gideon Gono’s meaningless monetary policy presentation a few weeks ago and, more recently, Joice Mujuru staged a no-show at the mother of all birthday parties, Mugabe’s annual circus (this year dubbed the 83rd birthday) in Gweru.
The ever-watchful political analysts in Zimbabwe linked this turn of events to Mugabe accusing Mujuru of using Tekere and Mandaza to further her succession crusade. This is all juicy stuff, as it demonstrates that for the geriatric Mugabe things are really falling apart.
At last, some of the pillars of the former liberation movement are crumbling in the face of a resurging opposition MDC and a restive populace reeling under horrendous socio-economic hardships.
In a ridiculous attempt to keep the lid on the boiling pot, the Zanu (PF) Repressive Police (ZRP) last week imposed a ban on political meetings and street demonstrations throughout Harare. This was in response to civic action that the courageous WOZA, MOZA and MDC (Tsvangirai) had successfully executed in Harare and Bulawayo.
Indeed, the MDC (Mutambara) had also given the ZRP a tough time on the streets of Bulawayo. This took place while teachers were on strike. Add to that the fact that junior doctors and nurses are still out on strike, and might be joined by university academics this week.
It is an exciting time for the Mugabe regime, which is frothing at the mouth following the EU’s renewal of targeted sanctions against the crumbling government. Not to be outdone, the IMF last week also decided to freeze out the desperate and bankrupt regime in terms of financial support and voting rights. It is double trouble for the dictator, both at home and internationally. The poor chap does not know which way to turn. Where are the Chinese when you need them?
In addition to the ZRP-imposed ban on political meetings and street demonstrations, an illegal curfew seems to have been imposed in some parts of the country. This undeclared curfew caught unawares several individuals when the vicious running dogs of dictatorship, the ZRP, attacked them late at night for no apparent reason. Officials in the ZRP deny there is a curfew in operation.
The regime is desperate to contain these unprecedented levels of despondency and fury from the people of Zimbabwe. In this desperation, the regime is becoming increasingly vicious in its brutality against the suffering people. But it is only a matter of time before the regime is forced to commit genocide, possibly later this year. This 2007 is turning out to be Mugabe’s final year in office, whether he likes it or not. Sadly, before he departs, he is going to ruin this bleeding country in order to make sure that whoever inherits it will have a tough time restoring the nation’s fortunes.
With Joice Mujuru sulking away and Emmerson Mnangagwa unsure of whether he is coming or going, Mugabe has probably become the most isolated and ostracised head of state in modern-day Africa. He does not know who to trust – apart, of course, from George Charamba. I doubt very much that he can even trust one Grace Marufu.

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