Another land audit underway

The Zanu (PF) regime is at it again, spending huge amounts of funds doing yet another audit of its chaotic and destructive land reform programme. This comes at a time of continuously emerging revelations of corruption and under-utilisation of land, which have precipitated huge harvest

The minister of Land Reform, Didymus Mutasa, recently dispatched teams across the country to carry out an audit on the A1 land reform scheme. This is the umpteeneth audit by the Mugabe regime since it embarked on its land grab and parcelled out the land to party cronies and officials, most of them without the resources or agricultural expertise.
“This audit was necessitated by many reports coming from all over the country that are generally in direct contradiction to the claims of success of the land reform programme,” a senior official within Mutasa’s ministry said, on condition of anonymity.
“The major problem is the usual one of having the majority of people who got pieces of land simply doing nothing. there have also been reports of senior government officials going around the country booting out peasants who were given land and taking it over.”
Previous land audits such as that done by the Utete Commission have identified the glaring chaos of the so-called land reform but, characteristically, without any serious corrective measures being taken by the beleaguered Harare regime.

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