Cop accuses ministers of murder 28-06-07)

Two serving ministers and senior officials of the ruling Zanu (PF) have been accused of having personally killed as well as supervised a bloody wipe out of opposition activists and supporters in Mashonaland Central during the turbulent farm invasions of 2000. <

BR>A former senior police officer who was based in Bindura told The Zimbabwean that Labour and Social Welfare minister, Nicholas Goche, and minister without portfolio Elliot Manyika unleashed a wave of terror in their constituencies of Shamva and Bindura respectively.
The former policeman spoke on condition of anonymity to tell how the police, army and members of the Central Intelligence Organization were reduced by the ministers to mere pawns for use in the violent wipe out of opposition members.
Our source has compiled a document, now in our possession, chronicling events such as the murder of MDC activist, Trymore Midzi, and alleging the ministers’ involvement. The document also exposes how the Zanu (PF) regime has nurtured the culture of indemnity from prosecution, not only for top ministers but also their agents who were involved in heinous crimes.
“Many people went missing on the night Trymore Midzi was murdered and it is believed that another dead body collected from Nicholas Goche’s farm in Bindura, close to Chiwaridzo, was one of Trymore’s friends kidnapped on that night,” the source says.
“He (the dead person) had a temporary ID with him, although it was soaked in rain there were numbers which were still visible to the extent that it was still possible to determine the identity, but nothing was done to this day and not even a docket was opened in that regard. Inspector Sande was the officer in charge of Bindura Central and the body was collected by Chiwaridzo police post personnel.”
The source said Midzi died a painful death at the hands of Zanu (PF) militia who were strongly supported by the CIO and police.
“His killers are known, even though nothing was done about it. Sande knows them,” he added. Manyika, the current Zanu (PF) political commissar, is described by the source as having fitted well into the shoes of the late Boarder Gezi, whom he replaced in Bindura.
“Manyika was a feared man and was not popular even within the party (Zanu PF). He used his official brown defender to kidnap opposition opponents and many of them went missing for good. The brown defender was the most feared vehicle in the province – even more than police defenders. Many people were relieved when the defender broke down but that could not erase the memories of their loved ones who perished at the hands of Zanu (PF) militia under the supervision of Manyika.”
Manyika declined to comment on these allegations saying he was busy, while Goche was continuously not answering his mobile phone.

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