Mugabe for the Hague? – Triesman

A British government minister has said President Robert Mugabe is close to being considered a dictator guilty of committing crimes against humanity on a scale that may one day see him tried and sent to prison.
"I think Robert Mugabe is probably at one of those points where dictators ha

ve to consider whether if they press on they don’t fall into the category of committing crimes against humanity on the scale that the law prescribes,” Lord Triesman, responsible for African affairs, told reporters during a briefing focussed on the twin crises of Zimbabwe and Sudan.
The British press reports that although Britain has been very vocal in its public criticism of Mugabe for some time, Triesman’s comments signal a step up in the rhetoric. An official at the Zimbabwean Embassy in London would not comment on Triesman’s “personal opinions”.
“It’s imperative that the SADC/Mbeki mission succeed and I have no doubt that Tony Blair will have said that he hopes that’s the case,” Triesman said, referring to the British prime minister’s recent visit to Pretoria. Britain’s role in the Zimbabwean crisis has been hamstrung by its fears of Mugabe’s rhetoric – popular in Africa – about the “old colonial master”. – Staff reporter

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