Army searches for maize

HARARE - The increasingly desperate Mugabe regime has deployed the army and the Grain Marketing Board's (GMB's) loss control officers into the countryside to harass villagers into submitting all grain as the State panics at mounting shortages of the staple mealie-meal.
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sources at GMB said army personnel manning the command centre and the parastatal’s loss control section, made up of former security officers, have been dispatched to the farming communities to mop-up grain supposedly being held back by farmers. The teams are being led by brigadier Douglas Nyikayaramba.
“Their first port of call was Mashonaland Central province on the assumption that it had harvested much of the grain,” a source said. “As we speak they are in Mashonaland West and they will proceed to Mash East, Manicaland, Midlands, Masvingo and then Matabeleland.”
Sources said unavailability of mealie-meal in Matabeleland and other outlets throughout the country over the past two weeks pushed the panic button in the government circles particularly after lying to the public that the country had harvested more than enough and that the policy to cut prices was bearing fruit.
“There are strong considerations to bring in militias in to intensify the mop-up campaign and even introduce household raids because the current team is not finding anything,” the source said.

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