Farmers fed-up with CFU

HARARE - Fireworks are expected at the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) congress amid reports the executive will have a lot of explaining to do with regard to accepting farm implements from the Mugabe regime.
Farmers said privately they would demand an explanation why senior CFU officials accepted

tractors from the Mugabe regime under the Farm Mechanisation project, which has also sparked a brouhaha in the opposition. CFU boss Doug Taylor Freeme has allegedly been given one of Mugabe’s tractors. He is set to come under heavy grilling in the congress later this month.
The executive would also have to explain certain recent actions, including the alleged decision to withdraw litigation against the government. The withdrawal of the litigation drew sharp criticism not only from farmers but from other quarters who believe union is out of step with the rest of the nation, which is fed up with the continued disruption of farming activities.
The continued designation of more white-owned farms is also set to come under the spotlight at the congress.
“I am sure the issue of invasions and the withdrawal of litigations will come up. Farmers have a right to speak and I hope they will express their concerns,” said a Chinhoyi farmer requesting anonymity.
A new executive is expected to be elected at the congress, amid reports most of the current executive would stand for re-election.
The executive is, however, likely to defend its position vigorously as it believes that what it has done so far has been in the best interest of the farmers. Critics dismiss as lame the association’s explanation that it withdrew the litigations to promote dialogue. Government, they say, has all along shown no commitment to negotiation.
One farmer from Mashonaland said there was need to put a new leadership that had “enough guts” to stand up to government bullying. – Chief Reporter

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