Gadaffi lends Mugabe US100 million?

MDC (Tsvangirai) spokesman Nelson Chamisa has dismissed President Robert Mugabe's claim to have secured fuel and forex from his long-term ally President Muammar Gaddafi of Libya as a waste of time.
"Mugabe is wasting time trying to solve problems that are getting worse by the da

y as he clings onto power. It is pointless for him to want to address problems that are a result of his mismanagement and worsen by the day as he refuses to leave,” said Chamisa.
Sources told The Zimbabwean that a desperate Mugabe had secured fuel and other forms of assistance from President Muammar Gaddafi if Libya, who used a carrot and stick strategy on the Zimbabwean leader who promised to step down from power at the end of this year.
The Libyan leader is said to have reported to his colleagues in the African Union and especially President Thabo Mbeki that Mugabe had promised to step down and not stand for next year’s elections.
Mugabe visited Libya last month to hold meetings with Gaddafi after former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair had visited that country and is understood to have urged the Libyan leader to ratchet up pressure on Mugabe to go in order to save Zimbabwe.
“There is no way anyone like Gaddafi is going to waste resources on such a project, it is the usual story of deception. Besides, we all know that Mugabe has never been sincere about his promises to leave office,” said Chamisa
Political commentator, David Tera from the University of Zimbabwe also believes Gaddafi will soon be disappointed by Mugabe. “If that is true, then we should expect news about Gaddafi demanding whatever belongs to him because Mugabe has a record of making promises he never fulfills. Mugabe has made it clear he is not willing to step down under whatever conditions,” Tera said.
Mugabe is said to have obtained a loan of US$100 million from Libya on the strength of him having promised to step down.
“Gaddafi literally used the carrot and stick strategy on Mugabe who went there with a begging bowl as well as hoping to get assistance from the oil-rich country,” a top source revealed. “They were also both enthusiastic about the formation of the United States of Africa (USA) and Gaddafi also used the rapport on that basis to push Mugabe into a corner. He advised Mugabe to step down and consider using his experience to work for the establishment of the USA whilst allowing for the rebuilding of Zimbabwe.”
Minister of Energy Michael Nyambuya confirmed that “there is fuel being brought into the country by government from various sources” but said the finer details about where it is coming from were confidential.

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