Garikayi cement for mansion?

HARARE - Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo has authorized the movement of more than 2,000 bags of cement from Hopley Farm to President Robert Mugabe's multi-trillion dollar Borrowdale mansion.
The cement, bought by government ostensibly to build low cost houses at Hopley Farm for vic

tims of Operation Murambatsvina, has been taken to Mugabe’s mansion under unclear circumstances.
A damning report titled “Cement Quantities and Usage” reveals that between 2005 and March 2007, a total of 2,000 bags of cement was moved to Mugabe’s retirement mansion from Hopley Farm, where victims of government’s brutal army-led eviction campaign are still huddled in makeshift structures.
An initial 1,150 bags were moved first, while the rest were transported in staggered consignments, according to a report compiled by a site planner at Hopley Farm, Tobias Chombe. These details were gleaned from security records of NG Security firm – a company contracted by Chombo to take care of security matters at Hopley Farm. Other details were provided from the ledger books of Operation Garikai.
Mugabe has always claimed that his £5 million mansion was built with donations from Malaysia, denying that he used resources looted from State coffers.
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