Macro Looted (13-07-07)

I have just come back from witnessing an operation by the so called
Force" at Makro - a large integrated super store in Bulawayo that is
African owned.

The Task Force arrived mid morning and on a totally arbitrary basis
them to halve

the prices of TV’s, Fridges, Deep Freezers and a number
other products ranging from a 30 tonne load of Elangeni soap bars
from South Africa to school books and baked beans! It was bizarre sight
hundreds tried to get into the Store and tried to buy these bargains.

By 15.00 hours the place was almost cleaned out. The loss must run to
billions of dollars. Staff talked to me and said disconsolately, “this
looting, they have destroyed our company” and several said they
expected to
lose their jobs. “How can we restock our store under such
they asked. The Elangeni incident was especially revealing as there is
price control on imported goods. The product was selling for a third of
landed cost.

I walked out with nothing – I refuse to participate in such looting of
legitimate business.

Eddie Cross
Bulawayo, 12th July 2007

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