Marathon of Hope

Operation of Hope medical foundation will return to Zimbabwe later this year to perform another marathon of hope that last year saw 43 surgeries performed in six days on children afflicted with cleft lip/palate.
No-one can know the personal anxiety of a mother hoping for a brighter future for th

eir child than they can give. The desire to change their children’s circumstances saw numerous parents visit the Harare Hospital Children’s Ward and dare to hope against all odds that their children would receive the corrective surgery for cleft lips and palates.
When Busi, mother of two-year-old Lucy saw a news item about the Operation of Hope team from USA, coming to Zimbabwe, she realized that she had the chance to help her daughter. Lucy was born with a cleft lip, a genetically disposed condition that creates an opening in the upper lip between the mouth and nose affecting feeding, speech and self-esteem.
“I had never seen anyone with this deformity and seeing my child for the first time made me feel helpless. I did not know where it came from and why it happened to my child. I was anxious to minimize the ridicule that I knew she would have to face throughout her life,” said Busi.
“When I heard that this team of specialist surgeons would be available to do this operation, I knew I had to try and get my child there to see them” Travelling 48 hours from her rural home became minor to quench her anticipation of a heavily subsidized miracle for her child.
Dr. Joseph Clawson started Operation of Hope, soon after his retirement from medical practice, re-engaging in a long-abandoned desire from his childhood to help.

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