Mugabe EU summit invite ‘unacceptable’ – Kinnock

Reacting to reports that Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe will be invited to attend an EU-Africa summit in December, Labour Euro-MP Glenys Kinnock, Co-President of the ACP– EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, this week said the invitation was unacceptable.
"This event is meant

to cement the partnership between our two continents and is set to promote policies on good governance, human rights, democracy and strategies to tackle African poverty. Mugabe knows little and cares even less about these priorities, as the suffering of the Zimbabwean people amply demonstrates.
“This is a critical time as President Mbeki attempts to mediate on the Zimbabwe crises. This task entrusted to him by the Southern African states would surely have been helped if Europe had made cooperation on this a condition for his attendance at the Summit. Instead he has been given an opportunity to come to Europe to gloat and strut – leaving behind a country devastated by his callous misrule,” said Kinnock.

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