No cars for cops

The Zimbabwe Republic Police's Mwenezi district office south of Masvingo has been operating without vehicles for the past three months.
A senior inspector from the district office confirmed that just like any other district Mwenezi was also facing serious challenges especially i

n the attendance of criminal cases reported on the district.
“We have been called on several occasions on serious criminal cases but have been taking time to attend such matters as our officers will have to board a bus or catch a lift to attend crime scenes,” confirmed Inspector Vuranda.
The Zimbabwean government faces a high security threat that is further worsened by its financial crisis. Most police stations are without transport facilities due to either problems of cars that do not go for service or fuel related reasons.
Police commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena when reached for comment dismissed allegations of transport problems and said the district was functioning normally just like any other but added that new vehicles were yet to be delivered.

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